Le strade dell’Apartheid

The following is a contribution to the book Le strade dell’Apartheid (The Streets of Apartheid) by Luca Greco

Walking the streets of apartheid Israel, also known as Palestine, is more than a mere walk through the rich history of that land including the recent wave of brutality and oppression. While walking the streets, one can absorb more than expressions of racism and ultra-nationalism. It is also a walk into another space — into another world with its very different mentality.

photo: Luca Greco

The privileged Israeli ethnic-Jews living in that state also live within a different mental state. They have managed to accept…

Ronnie Barkan’s speech against Israeli Apartheid in a Berlin court: ‘I stand here today as the accuser, not the accused’

Read below the court statement in Hebrew עברית, German, Spanish, Italian and French.
Jonathan Ofir writes in Mondoweiss, March 6, 2019:

The Humboldt 3, Stavit Sinai, Ronnie Barkan, and Majed Abusalama, receive an award from Copenhagen’s Mayor for Technical and Environmental Affairs, Ninna Hedeager Olsen (far right) in February 2019.

Monday, three activists for Boycotts, Divestments and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel faced a first trial hearing in Berlin for disrupting a talk by Israeli lawmaker Aliza Lavie at Humboldt Wniversity in Berlin (in 2017). The three were pointing out her complicity in war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The three are Ronnie Barkan, Stavit Sinai (both Jewish-Israeli) and Majed…

“It is allowed to express opinions and to argue, but violence, assault and trespassing […] has no place”, says apartheid representative Aliza Lavie who recently reacted to the verdict in the Humboldt trial.

We agree:
The massacre of 551 children in Gaza has no place.
The liquidation of 89 entire families has no place.
The torture and mass arrest of Palestinian children has no place.
The shooting of live ammunition at unarmed demonstrators has no place.
The active representation of a criminal apartheid regime which carries out crimes against humanity — that has no place. …

Apartheid crimes are put in the spotlight

Berlin, August 3rd, 2020

Today concluded a three-year saga which started during our disruption of war criminal and apartheid representative MK Aliza Lavie, back in June 2017. The trial ended in victory!

Our win is first and foremost in promoting an unapologetic discourse of resistance to the criminal Israeli apartheid regime in Berlin — the last standing bastion for Zionism. Throughout the trial we insisted on making clear statements that emphasize our legal and moral obligation to oppose Israeli crimes against humanity.

We also claim victory because Majed and Ronnie were fully acquitted, while Stavit received the minimum possible punishment…

We are humbled by your show of solidarity — from the UK to France, Australia to Canada. THANK YOU!

Activists from across the globe have issued petitions to the German embassy in their respective countries, they held support vigils for the Humboldt3 and read out loud their letters for the German ambassador to hear. It’s high time that Germany will listen to these words and the rest of the world witness the depravity of the German government in its active protectionism of seven decades of Israeli crimes against humanity.

Please follow the videos, images and links below for more!

Vancouver delegation calls for justice for #Humboldt3 Palestine activists in Germany, in front of the consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany, 30 July 2020
London vigil outside the German embassy, 17 July 2020. (video: Inminds)
Paris vigil outside the German embassy, 17 July…

Interview with Ronnie Barkan, an Israeli pro-Palestinian activist. By Slovene journalist Kristina Božič.

Photo: Pino Bertelli.

Ronnie Barkan, a pro-Palestinian activist, explains why a prospect of official Israeli annexation of parts of the West Bank will bring little change on the ground as apartheid system has been ongoing since 1948 and is well entrenched. A co-founder of the Israeli collective Boycott From Within, he is one of the three prosecuted BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) activists known as Humboldt3. He explains why together with Stavit Sinai and Majed Abusalama they will face again the German court in August and why he is proud of this. …

By Hans von Sponeck & Richard Falk

17 Sep 2019 — The following collaborative article written jointly with my longtime cherished friend, Hans von Sponeck, who by family experience and moral disposition is acutely aware of the German policy dilemmas associated with its past. These issues have recently surfaced in the context of suppressing pro-Palestinian nonviolent activism, which we believe are being handled in ways that tend to reproduce rather than transcend the evils of the Nazi Era by taking a variety of steps to shield Israeli criminality from pressures exerted by the Palestinian global solidarity movement. We attempted to…

Not a single member of the German Bundestag voted against the sinister conflation of BDS, which demands the respect of international law, with antisemitism



A note from Roger:

Berlin 4th March


When I was in Munich last June, on a day off, I visited the graves of Sophie and Hans Scholl and Christophe Probst. Three young dissidents, members of THE WHITE ROSE MOVEMENT, who told the truth to power in 1943 and paid with their lives.

These are the concluding lines of The White Rose Movement’s leaflet 5. In 1942:


ronnie barkan

a privileged Israeli-Jew living at the belly of the #apartheid beast. demand equality! 🎬bit.ly/apartheidisrael * bit.ly/jtvdebate2 * bit.ly/IsraeliNationality

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